140 x180 x 3

Tapas en Sirio Pearl de 250 gr. Interior en Chambril de 120 gr.
Encuadernación cocida con hilo verde y costura a la vista
36 paginas
Idioma: Español - Inglés
Precio: u$s 10

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This issue dedicated to Amaya Bouquet revolves around magic, the occult and witchcraft, exploring her relation to the objects and images of their visual repertoire. Amaya’s work exists within the context of a tradition that feeds upon the literary world as well as upon the idea of art as the result of an operation that escapes all rational explanation, elevating intuition above the effects of conscience.

Design: Andrés Brück
General Production: Lucía Cavallotti
Translator: Tamara Stuby, Jacob Steinberg
Collaborators dossier: Amaya Bouquet, Silvina Ocampo and J.K Huysmans