140 x180 x 3

Tapas en ilustración mate de 170 gr. e interior en Chambril de 120 gr. y Craft de 120 gr.
Encuadernación acaballada
36 paginas
Idioma: Español - Inglés
Precio: U$s 20

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The third edition worked with the work of the artist Carlos Huffmann. For this number, Huffmann presented a work which was in tension device magazine, conceptually confusing to the reader in the appreciation of the original and reproduction. The artist took this mechanism to the maximum of the absurd to propose a reproduction within other reproduction. Through the use of photography, Huffmann reproduced scenes of Japanese comic and art books, which intervened to digitally adding them information pertaining to their daily lives.
The dossier submitted texts in a confessional tone, but maintaining the logic of one story inside another. If the visual work of Huffmann emphasized an image that erases the logic of represented and presented, the texts were reinforced by this line.

Design: Sebastián Elvino
Production: Lucía Cavallotti
Corrector: Violeta Kesselman
Traslator: Tamara Stuby
Collaborators dossier: Lucia Tebaldi, Leo Estol, Pablo Marin and Carlos Huffmann