21 x 16 cm

Inside: 128 pages, printed 4/4 onto obra papel 90 gr
2 Pantone
Thread sewn binding

Language: Spanish & English
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Rodrigo Túnica looks at what motivates us to act. Influenced by the philosopher Vinciane Despret, he intends to examine the enigmatic, not in the hope of solving it, but to think and consider new possibilities for our entanglements with the world. During this endeavor, Túnica created Observatorio, a land art installation inspired by the rock paintings situated in the Cañadón del Río Pinturas in Patagonia.

47° 01´ 37.1´´ S, 70° 38´ 40.8´´ O. Recorridos, trayectos y derivas presents how the artist thinks about our relationship with our surroundings and how it led to Observatorio. Through the vastness of the Patagonian landscapes, Túnica invites us to contemplate the relationship between the Indigenous peoples and the cosmos, revealing new ways to inhabit the territory.

As part of his research, the artist collaborated with representatives from the aoniken and günün a küna communities to create a travel journal that prompts people to reflect on our cosmic and terrestrial origins. In doing so, we are reminded to see through the lens of the unknown, allowing us to understand the world is composed of worlds that need sensible means of looking so as not to be forgotten.

Chief Editor: Valeria Balut

Graphic Design: Lamas Burgariotti

Distribution: Arta Ediciones

Proofreading: Marisa Sesin

Translation: Marta Merajver

Image Post-Production: Marcelo Grosman

Color Management: Marcelo Grosman

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