220 x 272 x 25

Hardcover printed covers 3 mm with application of dry stamp.
Interior Natural Evolution white 120 gr. (162 páginas) and on Bookcell de 80 gr. on Pantone Red 032 (16 page)
Binding cardboard stitched. Lined with black stamping.
Language: Spanish & English
Price: u$s 45


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Modelos de ejercicios terrestres, by Mónica Girón, is a book that introduces the reader to a variety of perspectives of the artist’s most recent work. The six continents – North America, Australia, Eurasia, Antarctica, Africa and South America - are a monumental project to place in a public space.
On reading each page, the reader encounters diverse representations, ranging from sculptures to digital mesh, 3D models to screen registers.
These models explore different technological methods of printing, such as 3D printing and two-dimensional printing. The book spans a series of concepts, including geopolitics, the transcontinental, the transbiologic, post human and quasi cosmic. Each of the authors approach Girón’s body of work as a reflection upon the processes of art and technology, inciting destabilizing states and daring us to unlearn what we know.

Texts: Santiago García Navarro, Marcelo E. Pacheco, Gustavo Buntinx, Jan Pettersson, Valeria Balut y Mónica Giron.
Graphic Design: Tomás Ruiz y Santiago Goria
Proofreading: Studio Glosa
Traslate: Jane Brodie / e-Verba
Digital post-production: Paula Parodi
Photos: Antonio Panno y Guido Limardo